Here is our approach to reach a carbon neutral future


Cooler uses a massive product database, peer-reviewed methodologies, and exacting scientific standards to produce the most accurate and conservative calculations possible. Our assessment tools were developed in collaboration with leading global, US, and European environmental organizations to ensure that, together, we’re never short-changing our planet.

Cooler works with peer-reviewed carbon footprint calculators that cover all consumer goods and services and provides the companies that work with us with details key to driving down their products’ footprints. Cooler’s methodology is the most conservative available... it is far more likely to overstate the footprint than to understate it, which means you can be sure that you’ve more than neutralized your impact. Cooler’s method follows the most environmentally conservative variant of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, accounting for Scopes 1, 2, and 3 for products and services up to point-of-sale.

The calculations start with as little as the name of your product or service and its price. From there, Cooler uses economic and engineering data to calculate the footprint based on up to 2,000 underlying categories, including where you are based, how you ship, and other key variables. Not only do we show you the footprint of what you sell, we give you actionable details on how to further drive it down.

Cooler is constantly building our method and data to use all the information we can to make our calculations more accurate.

  • We monitor anonymized purchases electronically and check our assumptions against the overall shopping patterns of our customers. This allows us to continuously fine-tune our carbon calculator.

  • With your permission, we randomly check a sample of purchases online or by calling our customers to make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks.

  • We employ an independent auditor to regularly verify that we are meeting our commitment to eliminate the global warming impact of every purchase.

  • We invite our customers to ask us about our calculations. After shopping, you can always ask our experts to explain our calculation and help us improve it on a real-time basis.

  • Emission reductions: All of the projects we invest in are third-party-verified, and the emission reductions we purchase are registered so they can only be used once. In addition, Cooler has its own rigorous due diligence process to ensure that projects meet high standards for environmental and community impact.


Cooler certifiably eliminates greenhouse gases equivalent to the footprint of your purchases by buying pollution permits away from industrial polluters. Carbon emissions (and other pollutants that go along with them) are stopped at the source and the permit fees are further invested in conservation and clean energy projects that have generated thousands of jobs.

Cooler neutralizes the impact of shopping by buying permits away from polluters in tightly-regulated pollution markets. This method of eliminating your purchase’s footprint is NOT a carbon offset. Offsets are typically used by polluters to continue business as usual.

Cooler’s approach directly lowers industrial CO2 pollution, stopping pollution at its source while simultaneously supporting economic, social, and environmental development.

The minute your purchase is complete, Cooler permanently retires permits and neutralizes the carbon footprint of your purchase. But your impact goes beyond that. Your neutralization dollars also flow to programs that, over the last 8 years, have: restored natural habitats, reduced consumer energy spending by almost $10 billion, trained more than 10,000 workers in clean energy industries, and reduced health impacts like premature birth and asthma in fenceline communities.

Cooler guarantees that total emissions are lowered by at least the footprint of the products or services you’ve purchased, while also building renewable energy into the grid.

By curbing CO2 pollution and financing clean energy, we are also supporting frontline communities that bear the burden of climate change earliest and most acutely.

As we grow, we’ll expand our neutralization portfolio and continue to vet our neutralization options with carbon market experts and our allies in fight against global warming.

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