Listen for events on your Cooler account so your integration can automatically trigger reactions


When building Cooler integrations, you might want your applications to receive events as they occur in your Cooler accounts, so that your backend systems can execute actions accordingly.

To enable webhook events, update the webhook endpoint with a valid URL. After this is done, Cooler can push real-time event data to your application’s webhook endpoint when events happen in your Cooler account. Cooler uses HTTPS to send webhook events to your app as a JSON payload that includes JSON object.

Receiving webhook events are particularly useful for listening to asynchronous events such as when a footprints or neutralizations are executed on your Cooler account. Options can be set under the Account tab.



Webhook Enabled

Boolean if whether or not the web hook is enabled to send footprint and/or neutralization results to

Webhook URL

This is the customer DNS endpoint that footprint and/or neutralization results will be sent to

The following list are webhook events that are published by Cooler to consuming APIs.




Sent when a new footprint transaction has been generated with carbon intensity information


Sent when an existing footprint transaction has been updated with new carbon intensity information


Sent when a transaction has been marked for neutralization. This flags the transaction and sets to a pending status until we officially neutralize (every quarter)


Sent when we update the neutralization status for a transaction when we assign official RGGI permits to a transaction

Example web hook payload forfootprint.created event:

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